21 Fun Facts About Russia That Will Make You Smile

Russia is the beauty queen in Europe. The world’s largest nation is famous for its beauty thus it is a famous place for travelling. You may see lots of action movies reflecting their good or bad sides. Their countless funny images and videos spread like viruses. But it is not end here. This nation has lots of funny facts that will make you love them. The Russian fact is probably most desired fact to all people. Here are the funniest facts of Russia that is collected to make you curious about them. Just check it out and you will realize why people search a lot in Google about them.

1. Consumption of Huge Alcohol.
You will be surprised that on average every Russian consumes about 18 liter alcohol every year. Almost half of total death of Siberian industrial town of 15 to 54 aged people cause because of alcohol abuse. Alcohol use related diseases are very acute there in Russia. It is really very dangerous health issue.

2. More Millionaires are here.
There are a huge number of millionaires in Russia than any other cities in the world. According to Forbes it is a millionaire’s city. Without following Forbes statics it is easy to identify these because there are large number of valuable cars, fashion house and expensive lifestyle.
russian millionaires

3. Don’t smile in schools.
Russia is regarded as the world’s most friendly country. They are keen to obey in their rules and regulations. It is a funny fact that Russian are taught not to smile in school. It indicates that they consider their school time as valuable period and don’t like to waste this time smiling.

4. Lots of superstition.
Russian people believe in some funny superstition. They believe that the first people inter into a new house will sure die. That’s why they prefer a cat in this case. If the cat doesn’t enter into this house then they destroy the building and re-build it.

5. Russian bride’s belief.
Russian bride travel the whole city alone after just getting married. It is an ancient believe and they must do it after marriage ceremony. They visit all church, parks and St. Petersburg’s canals by boat alone.

6. More women than men.
In Russia here live about 9 millions more women than men. This fact of Russia has a great impact on their lives. Russia government is quite upset in this issue. Government thinks that polygamy is a solution for the huge number of women. But this solution is not so effective yet.

7. Funny Gay rules.
It is really funny fact about Russia that it is illegal there to tell kids that Gay people exists. The new laws are very restricted. It is hard for homosexual people to survive there. But the neglected people now achieve their rights. But don’t tell any kid about them.

8. Russia misses Olympic.
In 1908 the Russia got late for making Gregorian calendar. You will be surprised that the Olympic team of Russia got 12 days late for this issue. They arrive in London after 12 days of Olympic launching.

9. Russia sells Alaska.
It is true that Russia sell Alaska to US in 1867 for USD 7.2 million. The taking of Alaska was ratified by the United States Senate. This agreement was signed by President Andrew Johnson. This agreement added 586,412 square miles (1,518,800 km2) land territory for United States.

10. Oldest plant of Russia.
The oldest plant of Russia is about 32,000 years old seed generated. A Russian team discovered a seed cache of Silene stenophylla. It is a flowering plant of Siberia. It was amazing to see the plant growing on ice.

11. Unsigned war of Russia and Japan.
People say that the World War II is still going. You may ask, how possible? The answer is Russia and Japan yet not signed World War II because of Kuril Island dispute.

12. Beer wasn’t considering as alcohol.
In past days Beer wasn’t consider as alcoholic beverage. It contains generally 3-4% alcohol. But after 2013 here is a new rule to change the past one. Now beer is considered as alcoholic beverage in Russia.

13. Most polluted lake.
The Russian lake ‘Karachay’ is considered as the world’s most radioactive and polluted lake. This small is situated in the southern Ural Mountains Besides central Russia. Excess dumping of radioactive waste materials make it radioactive and harmful for living things.

14. Dirty car driving.
Driving a dirty car is just a crime in Russia. You should laugh at reading this Russian fact. In winter many cars are staying in house because of being dirty. If you want to free from any problem in Russian street you have to ensure that your car is free from dirt.

15. Sun revolves around the earth.
Do you believe that the sun revolves around the earth? But 32% of Russian people believe in that. A current survey shows that one in every three people believe that Earth is the center of our solar system.
Sun revolves

16. Wealthy Russian’s trap.
It is not expensive to hire an ambulance here. Sometimes people have to stuck on a road due to excess traffic jam. But the wealthy Russian people got a way. They hire Ambulance to beat Moscow traffic. The police always show extra priority to Ambulance.

17. Teachers are paid Vodka.
If a student become owing to economic disparity and can’t afford his educational fees, he can pay the teacher with vodka. It is not unfair there. You can satisfy your teacher with vodka if he become agrees to take it.

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18. Vladimir Nikolayev’s story.
You might have heard the name of Russia’s notorious murderer Vladimir Nikolayev. Once he ate a victim’s body and the rest of the body he gave to his wife. His wife serves this meat to whole family thinking that it as Kangaroo’s meat.

19. Cats in museum.
Russia has a museum that hires cat to protect the museum from the attack of rodents and for the safety of their artwork. People call them “Guard Cats’. The museum authority employs them and those cats are very skillful in their work.

20. Siberia Russia relationship.
You can’t divide Siberia apart from Russia because Russia’s 77% is made by Siberia. Siberia is a less populous area having 8 people per square miles. Siberia is 50 times bigger than USA.

21. Flower superstition.
Russian people have a superstition not to take an amount of flowers. For example if you gave a person about a dozen flowers, he or she will refuse it. They believe that an amount of flower brings bad luck.

Giving ang taking