21 Amazing Facts About Spider

Spiders are common arthropods. It is an amazing fact about spider that it is found all over the earth except Antarctica. As of November 2015, taxonomists recorded at least 45,700 spider species and 114 families of spider. Some of them are deadly venomous. Some of them have several interesting character. “Spider Man” became the most popular comics today. Spinning web known as the common and unique fact of a spider. Here are most amazing facts about spider which are uncommon in total.

1. Spiders contain Blue colored blood
In spiders, oxygen is bound to Hemocyanin. Hemocyanin is a molecule. It contains copper. And this copper gives spiders’ blood its blue color.
Male Jumping spider

2. Human and spider Never More Than 10 Feet Away From Each Other
An estimated 1 million spiders live in one acre of land. The number might be closer to 3 million in the tropics. It is estimated that a human is never more than 10 feet away from a spider—ever.
Spiders and human

3. Wondering Muscles Facts About Spider
A spider’s muscular tissues pull its legs inward, but can’t extend its legs out once more. Instead, it need to pump a watery liquid into its legs to push them out. A dead spider’s legs are curled up because there’s no fluid to extend the legs again.

4. Giant Trapdoor – The living fossil
Large trapdoor spiders are considered as living fossils. They’re just like spiders that lived over three hundred million years in the past. Scientist discovered them in southeastern Asia, China, and Japan. They were over four inches across, such as their legs.
Giant Trapdoor

5. The World’s largest Spider-Goliath Spider
The world’s biggest spider is the Goliath spider (The Theraphosa Blondi). It can grow up to 11 inches wide. Its fangs become up to one inch long. It hunts frogs, lizards, mice, and even small snakes and young birds.
Goliath Spider

6. Brazilian Wandering Spider Can kill Human
Brazilian wandering spider or the banana spider are the most venomous spider.This deadly spider wanders the forest floors of Central and South America. A small amount of this spiders’ venom is enough to kill a human.
Brazilian Wandering Spider

7. The Most Wondering And Beautiful Fact About Spider- The Silk Web
Spider can make the silk web in nature. The silk in a spider’s web is five times more potent than a strand of steel has same thickness. A web fabricated from strands of spider silk as thick as a pencil could stop a Boeing 747 jumbo jet in flight. Scientists still can’t replicate the strength and elasticity of a spider’s silk.
spider’s silk

8. Spider Sucks Up Their Food Rather Chew
Spiders do not have teeth. So that they can’t chew their foods. They inject digestive juices into the guts of their target. Then the spider sucks up its guts.
Spider Prey

9. Ballooning- The Amazing Movement of Spider
Spiders can’t fly. They sometimes sail through the air on a line of silk. This amazing movement is known as “ballooning”.
ballooning spider

10. The Water Spider
Water spiders are the only spiders that spend their whole lives in water. The spiders assemble a “diving bell” that allows them to live and spin webs underwater. They use their legs like a fishing pole to drag in insects, tadpoles, and even small fish.
Water Spider

11. Spider Silk Can Stop Bleeding
Hundreds of years ago, people put spider webs on their wounds. They believed it would help stop the bleeding. Scientists now know that the silk contains vitamin K. It helps reduce bleeding.
Spider Silk

12. “Tarantella” The Dance Type Comes from Specific Spider Bite
During the 16th and 17th centuries in Italy people believed that a bite from a species of wolf spider named tarantula could be deadly if the victim did not dance to a particular kind of frenzied music. It inspired a dance known as the tarantella.
Tarantella Dance

13. Most Spider Hear And Smell By Legs
Spiders have tiny hairs on their legs. These tiny hairs help them hear and smell of surroundings.
spider legs hair

14. An Astonishing Greek Myths About Spider
In Greek myth, a girl named Arachne could spin so well and the goddess Athena became jealous and turned her into a spider.
Arachne the spinner

15. The Black Widow Spider Carry Powerful Venom.
The black widow spider is a deadly venomous spider in the world. The venom of the female black widow is 15 times more powerful than the poison of a rattlesnake.
Black Widow Spider

16. Spider- An Experienced Rock Climber.
Like rock climbers, many spiders are attached to a line of silk in case they fall. They can also run up it if they need to escape. Even a rock climber can learn a lot of Technics of climbing from a spider.
rock climbing

17. Some Spider Use Sticky Gum to Catch Prey
Some spiders don’t use webs to catch their prey. They make a sticky gum. They fire out the gum through their fangs to their target and catch them.
spider attacking prey

18. Most Amazing Fact About A Tarantula
A tarantula can produce powerful digestive juice.It can liquefy the body of a mouse in just 2 days. Leaving behind a pile of just skin and bones.
tarantula spider

19. A Female Black Widow Spider Mates Only One Time in Her Entire Life
A female black widow needs to mate only once. After she has mated, she can produce eggs for the rest of her life. The duration is near about 2 years.
Female Black Widow Spider

20. The Gold Orb Spider’s Web.
Most spiders build a new web every day. But the gold orb build their web with an interval of several years. Because the webs are so strong and have a longevity of several years. It can even catch birds.
Golden Orb Spider

21. Spider Can Produce Different Types of Silk
The silk that comes out of the spider’s spinneret is liquid. It hardens as soon as it comes in contact with air. Some spiders have up to seven types of silk glands, each creating a different type of silk—such as smooth, sticky, dry, or stretchy.